shopping online never been easier

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since my last laptop died on me last week i was so angry at windows with their stupid sudden crashes so i decided to get me a Mac book so i went to iCity and saw this mac book costs 510 Kd (about $1850) so i was curios to see how much will it cost online and i was surprised that it cost at only $1,137 (about 311 KD) so thats about 200 kd cheaper from iCity so i said hell with them i’m ordering it online, my friend recommended me to use to get my own us address so i can shop easily from USA and so i did it was really easy i chose the Premium Subscription setup fee ($20) and 1 year subscription ($60) and i think it worths it so now i can shop online and get everything cheaper from kuwait even with the shipping costs.

as i ordered the Macbook it took 4 days to get to my door and it really worth the waiting so i guess i’m going to get used to this :p the shipping company was DHL and i really liked the way i can track my shipment online from their website its really cool 😀

so now i can buy everything i ever wanted,,, on second thought i think i need some money to do so :p

the moral of todays post: shop online its cheaper and it worth the waiting, at least you know it’s genuine.

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