elcinema.com the arabs IMDB

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IMDB.com is the top movies database website ever, it contain a very huge movies and series list even Kuwaiti movies are included, but not for long now we have an Arabic website that provide the same thing as IMDB.com and it called elcinema.com.

elcinema.com was created by DAMLAG company, its an egyption company and they got the inspiration from IMDB.com and said “why not make an arab one?” and so they did make one, they’ve collected thousands of arab films and serieses from all across the arab world and made a great database, as it say that even visitors can submit and particibate with them and help provide new info to them, the website was made in 2008 and really got its position between the big internet websites.

the stats provided in elcinema.com says that the website contains about 14226 drama work, 31546 name of cast and shows 98616 picture and video screens of the movies database.

i really liked the idea of having an Arabic movies database, now i can search and find whatever i want using this website cause old series’s and rare once are hard to find info about them across the internet, i wish people would made useful website like this more often.

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