[Review-App] KAYAK

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with this app you can have your own travel agent right in you pocket, this is a very awesome app and has multi features, let me demonstrate…


  1. Flight search: you can search for wherever you want to travel to and it’ll search all airlines available for your trip and compare the prices and show you the travel time.
  2. Hotel search: what you need? 4 stars hotel? 5 stars? cheapest? it’s all there for ya
  3. Car rental search: gotta have a ride ;p
  4. Trips management
  5. Flight tracker
  6. Airline directory and fees

its really easy to use that’s why i recommend it and whats even cooler is that its available on Blackberry, iPhone and android, and now with the screenshots and download links:

Kayak for Blackberry – Click here.

Kayak for iPhone – Click Here, or for iPad – Click here.

Kayak for Android – Click here.


that’s all for now, hope you like it, PEACE.

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