to Forex or not…

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boredom has no limits, that way i was looking for something that i might get benefit from, so as i say from a LOT of ads and search engine they talk about Forex and how you might get profits so i was so curios about it and that how i start reading about it, it seems that i have to deal with different currency’s and their prices and all that.

but in that case i’ll have to start reading and collect info’s about countries and all that -_- but i don’t have time for that so i don’t think it’ll be good for me, yeah and also you might lose all your money in no time lol this is harder that the stock market.

so i think i’ll search for something else this won’t work for me at all.

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  1. Touché says:

    It's appealing with the easiest money ever either growing or bankrupting. I've seen a couple of friends who are enjoying great profits and gains from it, but boy it takes lots of dedication, researching and experimenting with all possible tactics. If you are interested I think they have a couple or offices who open you the account and deal for you with some profit percentage (I think about 30%) but they trade with extremely low risks which means much lower profits but it will give you a sense of the whole thing.

    I know where stand, I tried it and knew that it's not my thing, sometimes you know when something wouldn't work out and fit with you.

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