i’m right even if i’m wrong.

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admiting being wrong isn’t a bad thing, actully modern people become modern cause people start seeing their mistakes and stop doing it nd evolve to a new level.

this is the thing we need to do in kuwait, see our self in others eyes and welcome criticized cause we all make mistakes it’s just human nature…

so i was driving home from work when suddenly a man turned his car in my direction and almost killed me, but that wasn’t the problem,,, the problem that he was shouting at me as if it was my mistake!! i mean WTF man!! am i supposed to apologies cause you’re that stupid and can’t drive like a normal human being?

guys come on have we become that low level we just want to fight over anything and just shout to cover our mistakes?

and they want us to be creative and add an imprint in the world,,

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  1. Seema* says:

    If you wanna grow old and wise you should be at first young and crazy! ; )

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