Al Bairaq Mall… Opening soon

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it hasn’t been a long time since 360 mall was opened (i didn’t visit yet) and now there’s a new mall opening on 31\10\2009 called Al Bairaq which means a flag or banner is the name give to this project to revive Kuwaiti heritage and pride.

the mall’s locations is in al Egaila you can check out it’s location from this location map click here

the mall has three luxurious cinema halls as they say on their website and of course restaurants, cafes and shopping stores,,,

i find it a good thing opening some more malls so people can stop going to the same place at the same time and we can at least worry about shopping instead of thinking about the traffic and thousands of people in the same mall and not even half of them are there to shop. @_@

Al Bairaq’s Official Website:

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    Basna mojama3at ;P
    nbi mokan yeswa :\

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