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finally after getting all my papers done now i have a mission a big step in my life and that mission is finding a job, i don’t want a job in the government i’m looking for something else a bank or whatever.

anyways this morning i went out looking for a job but sadly i don’t know the directions to any head office bank, so i just drove to where ever the streets will take me and after driving and getting lost i found one!! TAARAAAA i’ve asked about the HR they told me on which floor is it, got up there and found a lot of girls just talking i stood up like a stone i don’t know who shall i talk to no one is here at the reception! then an indian woman came and i told her i’m looking for a job she told me to have a seat an i’ve waited and waited and waited i was kind of nervous its the first time i ever go to apply for a job,then a girl asked me if i want something!! so i told her I’m looking for a job, she told me to come to her office then she turned her computer screen toward me and showed me that i need to apply online and that they don’t take applications by hand, i was like oh aha yes 😡 then i came back home i didn’t go to any other place i don’t want to get lost again.

so I’m just wondering, do all banks do the same? and i have to apply online? cause if it’s so i don’t want to drive to the middle of no where for nothing.

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  1. Butterfly Chick says:

    when I was reading your post I was thinking to tell you that you can apply online.. and then I realized that you discovered that..
    anyway.. you can apply for most companies or banks online rather than driving there.. just google the banks name and search for the careers tap then look for their email.. attach your CV.. & hope they call you 🙂

    that's what I did in searching for a job ^^ ..

    good luck inshalla

  2. outlaw says:

    humm i guess i'll do that, did you get many calls? 😡 or just one?

  3. Butterfly Chick says:

    to be honest NONE !


    la la .. emmm.. maybe two called me.. mo 3an shay.. bas cuz min te5arjt kanat 9ayra el azma el eqte9adeya u know.. so makan fee openning! .. now i guess 5af el wath3 shway.. so inshalla they'll call you dun worry.. just keep sending your cv 😛

  4. outlaw says:

    ee mashallah wayed 6amnteny 😛 shkly bro7 ante7er a7sanly 😡

  5. Butterfly Chick says:

    looool .. la la shfeek 😛

    they will call you dont worry.. tara wayed companies 7ata law re7t lehum begoloon lak send ur cv online.. so mafee use from u going there..

    inshalla yarab et7a9el sha'3la 3adla.. ed3 li ma3ak 😛

  6. outlaw says:

    ad3eeelch? @__________@ lesh? enty mo mtw`6fa? :|||||| wela 9arlch sna bdon w`6efah 😐

  7. Butterfly Chick says:


    ana te5arajt shahar 1 o ge3adt adawer sh'3el oo adawer oo adawer.. i wanted to work in a bank bas makan fee openning as i told you.. now ashte'3el for two months ena bas mo2aqat ya3ni.. but i dun like my job that much.. cuz mo taba3 ta5a9u9i.. so pray for me to find a better job 😛

  8. Seema* says:

    *wishing u a good luck*

  9. Cherry says:

    the best thing about graduating from medical school is that your job is automatically secured ..

    anyway, hope it works out for u, best of luck 🙂

  10. eshda3wa says:

    theres a job at arth elma3areth that starts today..

    you should go check it out!

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