Happy eid… like always

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since i was a little kid i’ve always been pessimistic but i don’t know if its me or the world i live in is a gloomy one,,,

Happy Eid: Day 1

woke up at noon every one is sleeping except mom, as i went cleaning up the door rang so i ran to open the door it was my big sister and her husbend they were like: “whats with the pijama? is it eid or what!?” i just replayed with my usual smile, we all sat down with my mom chatted a little then they left and every one woke up i was the first one dressed up as they were getting ready i went down to my car to get it out of the garage so i tried to open the garage door but it won’t open (we have an automatic garage door that opens with a remote or by the switch) so i’ve checked the electicity and every thing is turned on but it still won’t open, called dad we tried but it seems there was a burned chip inside it’s box, tried to open it manually using the handle and the surprice the handle was broken! so we can’t go out today, so they all just waited for me and dad to get it fix we couldn’t call any repair man cause it’s eid no one is working, it took us a long time so every one took off Eid’s clothing, we managed to open the door at night but it was too late so we missed the first day.

Happy Eid: Day 2

woke up at noon every body is dressing up we went to grandma’s house for about an hour and came back cause we’ve invited some relatives to lunch, they’ve arrived, the only guys showed up were my sister’s husband and one of my relative who was younger than me who was calling his friends and planning to go out since he got here and the rest were all girls, lunch is served, sister left with her husband and that guy left also, tried to convince my older brother that we ALL go to a play or a movie he was like “you have money whats stopping you?!” as if money was ever a problem, so he also left so i was just sitting watching tv my phone rang it’s my cousin asking me to pass him by so he’ll give me my money that i owe and we’ll go out i replayed “OK!”, we went to Burger Hub, as i was on my way home my friend sms-ed me asking if i had dinner i told him i did but if you want I’ll pick you up you eat I’ll just have some ice-cream, we went to Johnny Rockets then returned home.

Happy Eid: Day 3

pick up my friend and cousin drove them to the airport, eat at Starbucks, Say Good-bye to them and return home and start doing nothing.


Wish you all had good time in your Eid

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