I’ve hated you all my life,,, not any more

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have you ever hated something that you’ve never tried? or tasted it or any thing like that? you just hated this thing cause,,,, you just hate it.

i have a HUUUGEEEE list of things i hate although I’ve never tried it and mostly food, now here’s a strange thing, i don’t eat fruits (banana’s, apples, melons,,, etc) and i hate the taste of most of them but,,, I’ve never really tasted them BUT i love orange juice 😛 how weird is that LOL, i hate vegetables except potatoes.

what a strange guy i live on meat and fish only huh…

anyways on of the things I’ve hated all my life is Baskin Robins Rainbow ice cream never tasted it for more than 20 years but till now…

a friend of mine brought a huge bucket of rainbow ice cream to the Diwanya that day and gave me a scoop i was like “i hate this ice cream” he was like “just eat it and @#$%^& up”
OK OK I’ll give it a try, so there i was shocked I’ve deprived myself from this Delicious ice cream *BTW i love ice creams*

so from now on I’ll stop hating what i didn’t try *5air inshallah* HAHAY

i love you rainbow and hate you tomatoes ;P

have you hate something just cause the look of it? 😡

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