Butter Chicken,,, My Love

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Just look at how it looks 🙁 the way it tastes AHHHHH i love you,,,

it’s been about two years or something like that the day we first met and i fell for it from the first bite and i can’t get stop thinking about it, the past 2 months I’ve gathered recipes from the net on how to make Butter Chicken and I’ve tried a LOT of them but i still can’t make it right 🙁

i don’t know if it’s me or it’s the recipe or i’m using wrong preparations, tried different once for more than 6 times and none of them were any near the right taste.

i guess there’s only one logical solution for this problem,,,


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  1. eshda3wa says:

    A7LAA MA63AM

  2. Seema* says:

    Heart breaker, Ehehehe.

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