KTV2 is pathetic,,,

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does any one ever watches KTV2?! i mean why is it there? whats the purpose of this lame channel?! yesterday i was watching it and i almost cry from the silly thing they’re broadcasting, such old and silly programs, stuff that my grandpa used to see when he was a kid 😐 are they serious about this?!

maybe they have a lot of money that they don’t know on what they should spend it on? so they made this lame channel?! as my father Say’s that this channel and RKFM used to be the best of the best channels in the gulf but now the guys whom work there just work for the salary and the channels are crap -_-

please put it on today and watch the programs on KTV2 and see yourself how old are they,,, and i still wonder “do foreign people in Kuwait watch KTV2?!”

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  1. No3iK says:

    TRSUT ME! no one watch it!

    and its lame! just an excuse for them to get (ppl incharge) to get paid tons and tons of money.

    lame lame channel.

  2. 3baid says:

    I don’t watch much TV anymore, let alone KTV stuff :/

  3. forzaq8 says:

    well its a lot of factors

    before 1990 they used to have a nice budget for buy / producing shows
    ( which is I’m sure the same today as its was back then with no increase )
    but all programs cost went up , you don’t buy for ground coverage alone , for some reason they have KTV2 on Satalite which make anything you buy cost at least 10X as much

    not to mention the people do not believe it in , the minister , the under secretary …etc

    not mention giving people positions who do not deserve it at all

    btw i don’t work there , but i work in the government and thats the mentality and reason why 99% of the things go down in quality in government

  4. Squirreliya says:

    shda3wa ktv1 el3ajeeba ya3ni! khalha 3ala Allah ..they really should do something about them!

  5. Ghasheema says:

    i second squirreliya…KTV in general needs serious help :/

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