Egyptions Celebrating in Hawaly

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i was going to Hawaly about 1 AM and i saw a huge crowd dancing and singing and a lot of Egyptian flags in the air, i kind of felt strange (maybe they’ve reminded me of my days back in Egypt 😛 ), and all that because Egypt won its sixth African Cup of Nations title, and second in a row, by beating Cameroon 1-0 behind Mohamed Aboutreika’s goal, Aboutreika scored in the 77th minute, converting Mohamed Zidan’s cross for his fourth goal of the tournament, and they really earned it by the way they were playing, any how these are some of the picture’s i took while i was there,,,

Congratulations Egypt!!

5 responses to “Egyptions Celebrating in Hawaly”

  1. Fashionated says:

    aww cute! congratulations to egypt

  2. Cat says:

    BARCA huh ??

    I wuv theiry Honery !

  3. outlaw says:

    yeah,,, and welcome to my blog 😛

    barca huh?! no hard feelings but all i wanna say is,,,, THEY SUCK!! 😀 i hate them WUHHAHHAA 😛

  4. eshda3wa says:

    they were great!

  5. 'Grey' says:

    Congratualtions to Egyptian Team , we had some guys Dancing at around 12am , someone had to chase them away because it is residential area and people had to go to work school and stuff.

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