the guy having sex on the beach,,,

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i know the sound of the topic is kind of inappropriate but that’s what happened :\ ,,, and this is the story,,,

i love to take pictures of things and landscapes soooo unfortunately I’ve deside to go this morning to the beach and take pictures of the sun rise so about 5:40 AM (about 2 hours ago) i was at “Fintas” beach I’ve noticed a car parking all alone there and it was still dark i saw someone in front of the car but i didn’t care so what if someone there?!,,, any ways i was enjoying my time watching the great view and the weather was cold waiting for the sun to come out,,, SUDDENLY I’ve noticed strange activity around i thought it was the guys working there fixing the street, but i was wrong the car next to me (was about 50 meter away) was shaking in a strange way and i was hearing strange voices, i was too stupid not to understand whats going on in that car the windows were all blurry cause of the weather,,, and thats where i lost my concentration :s how the hell can i take picture’s under that kind of pressure? I’m not used to take pictures of things while some dude is having sex near me :

the guy saw me trying to take some pictures then take a look at his car the continue my work, i couldn’t leave my spot cause it was THE SPOT, it was the perfect place to take it,,, so i did a bad job taking a bad picture then left home,,, i mean wtf could i do to the guy? knock on the window and say “please quite down!” ?!

and where the hell are the police patrol or what ever?! shouldn’t they check out everywhere and make sure that this doesn’t happens? or is it the only place to check is Marina Mall and the Gulf Street and all that @#$%^ !!

any ways this is the picture which i took -_-

i wont even comment on the picture -_- to check out my other picture(s) visit my Flickr page click here

6 responses to “the guy having sex on the beach,,,”

  1. 'Grey' says:

    5.40am? man ! that must be one horny bastard ! Muhahahaha ! This is the most fun post of the day !

  2. Bombay Bombshell says:

    In Kuwait !
    Ma9adeg :/

  3. outlaw says:

    tell me about it hehehe,,,

    bombay bombshell:
    ahh ya bombay ahh shgool oo sha5aly,,,, gemna nshoof ashya2 bel q8 `3reba oo 3jeba elq8 mahy el awlya, elq8 ra7t 😡 oo entay mazlty fe ray3an shbabech btkbreen oo tshofeen 😛

  4. intlxpatr says:

    Outlaw, I love the one you took just pre-sunrise. That smooth glassy water, the pearly pink/blue sky – oh WOW.

    I once saw a couple “coupling” on the beach, and one was dressed as a woman, but walked more like a man. Ah, the sacrifices we make for photography!

  5. Cat says:

    Nice shot !

  6. Missy says:

    ambaaaih hay mn 3alamaaaat el sa3a! o egolon elli mo2men kelsh kelsh 7dah begoool “okaay fine bas get a room!” LOL

    allaah ystr 3ala el next generation :S

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