Review: مسرحية التاريخيه غروب الجسد – historical play ghroob aljasad

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it’s the first time i ever go to such a play, a historical play about imam hussain and what happened to him and his brother and his sons, a very touching play and very great one too people actually cried in the play *myself* :P, and what’s surprising is people from outside Kuwait come to Kuwait to see this play when i was there yesterday a foreign guy i don’t know where his her from and there was this guy from the radio station i don’t know whats his name hehehe, and celebrities come and from the royal family also, soooo don’t miss it you’ll regret it 😛 the play is preformed 3 day’s a week (Tuesday & friday for female’s only – Saturday for male’s only) @ 8 PM

this is the play’s banner

for reservation call: 9460711 – 9460722
official website of the islamic center for art production:

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