and it was raining,,,,

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when i was back in egypt all i hear is “it’s raining in kuwait” i was so glad that i’m coming back and it’s gonna rain so since i came back there was no rain,,, till today, but that’s not my problem,,, my problem is i like driving in the rain and my car IS NOT HERE!!

i’ve took it to the express service to change the oil and cause it and to fix somthing in the car and that was yesterday 🙁 i bet when i take my car tomorrow there won’t be any rain left,,, so much for my good luck

4 responses to “and it was raining,,,,”

  1. iNoor says:

    hehe poor U 😛

  2. Missy says:

    LOL..elmgroood mgroood ya shagol 😛

  3. Missy says:

    ya 3ainyy b3d comment moderation 😛

  4. kuwaitya_7saweya says:

    yla m3lsh

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