there’s no place like home

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yes yes yes i’m baaaackkk homeeeeee a5eeeraaaaaaan 😀 it’s been about 88 days since i left Kuwait (yeah i count the days :P) and now i’m finaly back, yesterday was my last exam and thank god it was an easy one and i hope i get good grades this term cause all of my subs are easy ^___^

when my plane landed in Kuwait airport i was awake for 24 hours and i was walking like a zombie my eyes were all red and my face is yellow it was a creepy face 😛 and now i’m finally back i slept for about 5 hours then woke up my phone can’t stop rining and it’s killing me -_- ,,,

i’m tired but i can’t sleep hehehe i have the feeling that i want to go out i want to see Kuwait again but yet i don’t know where to go 😡 the weather outside is great it’s 5° C maybe i’ll go to the gulf street i miss the sea 😛

and i miss my Nephew he’s also 88 days old 😀 he was born the day i went to Egypt i want to eat that kid alive 😛 with his cute cheeks i want to bite them >:P any way all i want to say is,,, it feels good to be back home 😀

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I feel scared for that kid 🙂 You’re lucky the last time I was in Kuwait was 117 days ago!

  2. 'Grey' says:

    Welcome back dude ! Please don’t eat the kido ! ..hee hee !

  3. Ghasheema says:

    aaawww I am soo happy for you

    and plz do bite the lil kid for me….I love chubby babies 😀

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