not ready for that kind of drama!!

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as always i stay awake for a day or something like that and we wanted to go out at noon so i went to sleep at 1 pm so i wake up at 3 pm so we all go out to have lunch so i was a sleep and having a good time and at 3:30 pm my friend opened the door in a rush and screamed “J IS NOT MOVING AND I CAN’T WAKE HIM UP” so i jumped out of my bed and called him he didn’t response so i ran to his room and try to wake him up he was like not moving i slapped him he didn’t move and all of us were in a panic don’t know what to do so brought an iced water and smashed it on his face and he woke up and we still don’t know whats wrong with him he was like “whats wrong?” and i sat down and i was like “**** you”….

damn it was such a horrible thing i wish it never happens to any one 🙁 i hope not to see it happens for real,,, I’m not reaaaaaadddddyyyyyyyyy for thiiiiiiiis ssssssssshhhhhhiiiiiiiiiiiit 😐

6 responses to “not ready for that kind of drama!!”

  1. 'Grey' says:

    Oh ! thank God he is OK .. may be he has Low BP .

  2. This Lady says:

    shit! pardonnez moi!

    i bet the feeling just sucks!!

  3. eshda3wa says:

    maybe he was just in a deep sleep!
    el7mdela ina he woke up!

  4. Zi-One says:

    el7amdella ena mafeeh shay @@ bs at least you did something lma my sis 6a7at ‘3shyana tna7t feeha for like 5 minutes ma 3ala astaw3eb ;p

  5. PiNkiSh says:

    y5arre3 😐

    but I’ve experienced this kind of drama before., it was terrifying!!

  6. Missy says:

    hahha poor J!

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