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hola amigos ^__^ first i’d like to like to thank every one whom asked about me while i’ve been “gone” 😛 I’m ok and everything is ok no worries guys, the weather is getting colder and colder and every one around me is getting sick cause of that i hope i don’t catch anything from them heeehehhe,,,

it’s been about 22 days since i came to Egypt and till now i didn’t study anythinggggg i didn’t even open a book, what have i been doing lately? I’ve been chilling and watching tv and going out having fun lol and now I’m in a big problem I’ve got 2 mid-term exams this week and 3 next week and i didn’t study anything yet, i don’t even know what I’m studying for gods sake!!! i know thats stupid lol 😀

I’ve got food poison 3 days ago from “Hardees” and ohh god it hurts so baaad! so I’ve added that sick restaurant to my black list,,,

that’s my latest updates in my sick life 😛 talk to y’all later ciaaaao

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  1. Ghasheema says:


    kha6ak alsooow…machoof shar inshallah 🙂

    ow bala seya3a ow tathyee3 wagt ;P

    yalla study ow allah ywafgek inshallah

  2. grey says:

    Nice to have you back ! hope you are feeling better now ! and good luck with the studies!

  3. outlaw says:

    5a6ach ellash, la 3ady wanasa el9eya3a 😛 inshallah mom 😛

    thanks man 😀

  4. GoGo says:

    Dear outlaw,
    it’s okay, we all study gavel el emte7an eb one week. it’s a habit you get if you study in public schools.
    also, food in Kuwait, is grade-A stuff. we have the best food EVER. I mean even better than the original american stuff lol.
    PS: food poisoning makes you feel as if you’re flying

  5. Missy says:

    testahel =P~

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