Egyptions copy an american movie

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فلم الحب كده – Elhob Kedda (2007)


Are We There Yet? (2005)


1 player, 2 bad kids, 1 fancy car, 1 hot mom,,, and both of the movies talk about a guy who has to drive 2 kids to the airport so the player can win their mom’s heart,,,

talk about inspiration!

read about the movie Elhob Kedda *in arabic* click here
and click here for more info about Are we there yet

4 responses to “Egyptions copy an american movie”

  1. 'GreY' says:

    Even the Egyptians ? i though only Indians do that !

  2. Ghasheema says:

    ya ma7aasen alsoofah ;D

    they always do that though…not only with movies but with everything…programs 7ata commericals

  3. eshda3wa says:

    every other movie they make baygeena!

  4. Stewart Vonfelden says:

    Make sure you spread this BLOG all around and share it with other sites please

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