got a GPS? help me!

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i want to buy me a GPS but i don’t know whats the best thing and where i can get it and if it have Kuwait maps cause i found a lot of GPS’s online for US use, help me walaka ajry

i don’t care if i can get it online or from some shop as long as it works fine 🙁

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Garmin has a complete line of GPS receivers:
    For maps of Kuwait and the neighboring countries you also need the City Navigator for the Middle East:

    You can order online or the a local dealership:

    Seas & Deserts
    Amiry Trade Ctr. (Shuwaikh, opposite Al-Sarraf Computers)

    Phone: + (965) 4849212

  2. outlaw says:

    thanks about that, but if anyone used any kind of module and tell me what’s good and what’s bad that would be great.

  3. Anonymous says:

    It depends on what you need a GPS for. If you want a general purpose compact unit, then you should consider one of the eTrex models. If you need a unit for the car or traveling, then you should consider a Nuvi. There are more rigorous models (handheld 60 & 76 series), some better suited for cars, motorcycles and boats, some with walkie-talkies and even one for hunting dogs.

  4. david santos says:

    Hello, Outlaw!
    Thanks for posting. Have a good week

  5. bashar says:

    As far as I know, there is a hardware part and software part. garmin as mentioned I heard is good. You can order it from outside, but then you need to make contact and see where you can get local map of Kuwait from.

  6. outlaw says:

    david santos:
    thank you for passing

    well thats a long “salfa”, can’t i just buy one with the maps already installed in the gps in the first place?

  7. Anonymous says:

    Actually, the software installation on the PC and data into the device is simple; afterwards you point to the area of interest on your computer and transfer to the device. Same thing with points of interest and routes, and the procedure works the other way (transferring POIs, routes and tracks from the device to the computer). One caveat: the software package can be matched to two GPS devices only. Some regions are available on SD cards that can be interchanged between different devices (those that have SD slots), but I think so far the one for the middle east is not available on SD.

    There are software packages (shareware / freeware) that can transfer POIs and routes back and forth between devices and computers, including a fee-based Google Earth, but if want detailed maps you should stick with the packages from Garmin.

    Software packages sell for around 60 KD. S&D used to install maps and locations on devices they sell for a reduced fee, but no longer.

  8. Missy says:

    booo salfaaaa! esh7aga GPS? mn kubur el kuwait :p

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