Me & The Gym

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I’ve joined a gym 3 days ago and my hands and shoulders are hurting me so bad i can’t even sleep cause of the pain hehehe 🙁 i like working out and I’m not even fat I’m fit thanks god, it’s just that my cousins joined a gym and i like the saying “ma3a el5eel ya shagra” 😛 it’s the first time i ever join a gym, this summer I’ve did a lot of “first time in my life” things 😀 that makes me happy every time i think about it, and now I’m moving like a robot and i can’t type anything more 🙁

talk to y’all later

6 responses to “Me & The Gym”

  1. Ali says:

    dude working out is always good whether ur slim or fat … so keep doing it 😉
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  2. Kuwaitizen says:

    i’m happy to hear that you’re happy.

  3. chikapappi says:

    LOL am happy that am reading that everyone’s happy 😛

    This will go in a while, your body has to adjust to it..

  4. GreY says:

    In Kuwait they put you one wieght from day1 which is wrong , thats why it hurts so much , i say it from experience . 1 months of gym … no more .. not in this life time..

  5. Ghasheema says:

    good for you wallah

    as 26 yr old with 4 kids I say that joining the gym is the only thing thats keeping me sane :/

  6. outlaw says:

    i’ll keep that in mind thx for passing by ;P

    yeah me too,,, i’m glad that i’m happy

    lol 3asa doom happy 😛 yeah i’ve been told about that

    so what are you trying to say? 😡

    so are you saying that i should get 4 kids cause i joined a gym? 😛

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