you are a kuwaity you have a lot of money

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that’s what the Asian fellow said before i start kicking his ass,,,

it’s all started morning when this guy knocked the door asking if we want him to cut the grass and do the garden stuff and we don’t have a lot of plants so i was OK I’ll give you 5 KD’s to cut the front door plants and clean them up “and that’s all what this thing worth”

he was like: no I’ll do it for 15 KD’s,,, so i told him to thank god I’m paying 5 KD’s for this which i don’t need I’m just trying to help you to get some money, so he replayed to me: “you are Kuwaity sir you have a lot of money”,,,

before i know it i was slapping the guy and kicking him lol that stupid lame ass thief, so what if I’m Kuwaity? so what if i got some money? do i have to spent it on crap and give it all away? the idea of “all Kuwaity’s are rich” really piss me off, wtf is wrong with these people? and why the hell is this guy in Kuwait? if he doesn’t have a job who brought him here? and why?

and the other day another guy told me that all kuwaity’s are stupid when you say salam to them they give you money, and that happens a lot at the traffic lights and the garbage men do it also,,, screw them and who ever brought them to this country all they’re good at is envy people cause they got some money :\

والله محد فاقرنا غير هلأشكال الوصخه
update: i’m talking about the “envying people” and the people who want to rip you off just cause you’re kuwaity,,, you guys should focus on what i’m saying not on kicking the guys ass,,,

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  1. Hasan.B says:

    So just because the guy calls you a rich guy you slap him and kick his ass? Mashala 3laik your very respectful o mo7taram! What you did was stupid and very lame and shows how pethatic you are! You could have told him that what you said was wrong, not all kuwaities have alot of money, and even if I did then I should spend them wisely! Not go and kick his ass. La o gayelha eb kel fakhar b3d! Its people like you that we have problem with! Not knowing anything about human rights! Alah ekamlik eb 3aqlek!

  2. Я says: the question is..are you rich or not?

    If yes, then the beating him up was justified or not?

    If no, then beating him up made you feel better or not?

    You see, it’s people who beat on others are giving the rest of the Kuwaities a bad image.

    You know what they tell the Filipinos before they come to Kuwait? They tell them horror stories of rape, imprisonment and all that bullshit.

    We need to clean up that image. We’re all a tiny degree above apes after all, don’t make us look like apes.

    A smile & a kind word goes a long way.

  3. N. says:

    That’s sad. I hate how some people think like that. So they just assume cause you’re Kuwaiti you have a lot of money? Not all Kuwaiti’s have money, but there are a lot of generous Kuwaitis that go around and give money because of generosity, not because they feel they are better than others!

    Most Kuwaitis look and seem rich because this is a blessing, truly, regardless of society.

  4. Anonymous says:

    OK since i am “Asian” let me use anon this time
    Whats an Asian anyway? Is Kuwait in Asia or Antartica?. [Dont answer that… so if i am a bit dark complexed i become asian or i should have Japanese eyes to become an asian ? …
    Poor asian by the way …probably didn’t know how to compliment you . Take it easy boy ! Live and Let Live ..if not just look away , no one is stealing from you is it ?

    BTW in the end we all end up in Sualibikat Cemetary…maggots don’t favour Kuwaiti’s over Asians or V-a-V .

  5. outlaw says:

    before you get sensitive about it and talk about respect and refer to me as “people like you” tell me how does it feel when you’re talking to a guy that thinks you’re a “donkey” and says that “people like you” pay just for saying salam, i’m mad cause “people like me” don’t like people look at them as “donkey’s” and all they see is kuwaity’s are wasting money on nothing, so don’t cry on me and talk about respect oo allah mkamelny eb 3agly :), do you like people get friendly to you cause they want your money?

    PS: i’m not rich and i didn’t say that i’m,,, and i didn’t say i’m proud i kick his ass,,,


    ohh so i’m giving a bad image now? what about them who hustle just to get some cash? so now i’m the evil guy just cause i don’t want people like him think the way they think?

    ps: i’m not a rapper and all i did was kicking an ass cause of something bad he said,,,


    maybe you’re the only one who know’s how i feel, they see generosity as Stupidity and if you give them something to help you’re a jack ass, what kind of a sick way to think 😐


    you know what i’m talking about and what i’m talking about, so don’t give me a lecture on asians and africans, lol i like the saulibikat part, it’s the envy what i’m talking about and look how kuwait is right now, we even don’t have electricity…

  6. KeChie-ChaN says:

    it’s funny how do some people think ..and yeah btw believe it some think that in kuwait all what you need is to dig down under your feet and the oil will comes up..but that is totally WRONG.. !
    i know it’s kinda annoying ..but as what they said above you shouldn’t done that ;x

  7. CeCe says:

    No comment. Ebro7y emqa76a ana! 😛

  8. hamdool says:

    إي والله صاج

  9. Free_Moi says:


    u just shouldn’t kick his ass babe’s

    any way it’s a stupid way how they think, they even started doing new stuffs to get money from you because u r q80, they throw them selves infront of ur car so you pay them if u breaked them hands or legs, few months ago an egyptian guy throw him self infront of ma sis car , he thought that she is q80 and asked her to pay him 5000 kd
    lool so funny.

    there are better ways to deal with them, just next time don’t kick anyones ass so you don’t get angry comments 😉

  10. SpiKeY says:


    well firstly you are right…but i have to stand against you for hitting him..

    awal shay..we are known for our richness even if we are not..but not an excuse to hit someone for saying that…there are alot of stuff i would like to hit people for…but i shouldnt u know….

    anyway try to make someone understand that we are not next time ok..


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