bad days

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i had on of those bad days when you regret living, oh man it was really creepy but thank god i passed this and left it behind my back I’m all over it,,,

and i want to thank everyone asked about me that was really nice of you ;D


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  1. Vinnie says:

    I had sooo many of these days, I totally feel ya man
    I have a few questions for u tho:
    1- Is depression your neutral mood?
    2- do you constantly get feelings of guilt?
    3- Do you get a lot of thoughts about death and suicide?

  2. outlaw says:

    i know it’s wierd but the answer is yes 😛 what seems the problem dr 🙁

  3. Missy says:

    Whaaaaaat *her jaw falls :P* !!!!!

    I should be the 1st one on ur Thank-you-list!

    I tried my best to cheer u up yaa naker el m3roof 😛

  4. Ghasheema says:

    u seem soo happy and cheerful and I always like reading your post and your comments….u always use humor and I love that 🙂

    I love the psycho rabbit as well ;P

  5. Vinnie says:

    I’ll give a u chance to research it urself
    I hope its not the case, but from what u told me, well lets just say I have the same problem and I am seeking professional help
    The good news there is a cure.
    Research it and know that there is a solution, u dont have to live w/ that.
    The thing is, I’ve been in denial for years, I tried to just live w/ it. Until the day I fell for this chick and I went into deep depression. I couldn’t handle that and I started taking medication. It did change my life.
    Look it up and tell me what you think

  6. Vinnie says:

    ur blog is cool btw, am adding u to my blog roll

  7. CeCe says:

    This sounds serious. Nightmares following bad real life issues? That sucks!

    You know whome to count on if you need any help. 😉

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