my new bad template

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while editing my old template and trying new once instead of clicking “preview” i clicked “Save” : I’ve turned my blog to a grave yard, gotta find me something new 🙁

5 responses to “my new bad template”

  1. Ghasheema says:

    lol its not that bad….but why is there a link for divorce forum!!!

  2. Grey says:

    hmmm ! someone wants to make some ‘adsense’ money eh ? nice try ! i just clicked on some of the ads ! let me know if you made some money !

  3. CeCe says:

    *LOL* The adSense is kinda annoying. But the template isn’t really bad. It looks better than the old one. You can always change it back, though.

  4. CeCe says:

    9ij ennik ba6ee5! ;P~

  5. Swair. says:

    awwwwww… it’s ok, u can fix it lol

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