Tarsheed @ malls, did you mean,,,

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any one saw any of the “Tarsheed” boys and girls at malls?
what do they do exactly?!
they help in any way?!
they take your home keys and turn off the unnesesary lights in your house?!
did they help decreasing the pressure?!
i don’t think SO! all I’ve seen is some “Tarsheed” girls talking to boys and laughing and the opposite thing,,, I’m so sick and tired of this shit no offence to any one who works at “Tarsheed” you’re only trying to make some money, or your just trying to meet girls but that OK i guess, this is so fucking embarrassing, do you think I’m doing what they say? hell no let them say what they want I’m living my life the way it should be, i don’t say you should extravagant and let all the lights on and all that, but live they way life should be, i don’t care if they’re gonna cut the electricity cause they won’t, the next thing you’re gonna hear is “Migration” people are leaving Kuwait and i wonder why!! last year there was a shortage in water this year electricity next year there isn’t any money we’re broke,,, they only reason I’m not leaving all the lights on is cause of the electricity bill,,,
would you please tell me if the world’s richest country can afford making people enjoy their life without being afraid of losing the electricity what would a poor country do?
i know ya’ll people sick of seeing all this crap but this is getting out of our hands : all this talking won’t do anything,,, let them “Yerashdoon”,,,

maybe they did,,,,

PS: i hate talking about this things but i don’t know maybe I’m just fed up lol

3 responses to “Tarsheed @ malls, did you mean,,,”

  1. Fayoora says:

    I feel You =)

  2. Sara Shuaibi says:

    *LOL* I love the “trashed Kuwait” part! 😛 Even Google things Kuwait is stoned.

    Oh and I found another reason why I hate Kuwaitis. Thanks.

  3. Free_Moi says:

    it’s the new way to steal some more money without any one asking them what are u using this money for..
    i don’t know how will they handle the pressure on electricity for the coming years while new houses and areas are bieng build…
    how will “tarshed ” help in that??

    they are to stupid and lazy
    ** bedal maybnon ma7a6a aw eyebon mowaled ydeed yswon 7mlt trshed…el’6aher nawen ywgfon oo maybnon byot b3d oo ymn3on elzwaj wygolon 7g el nas la ttkathron… it’s the best way oo 5oosh 7amla 7ag trshed >>7mlt bog oo na9b mn elmal el3am wla 7seeb wla ra8eeb

    ps: makint nawya a3ale8 ever !!
    bs salft trsheed bthaat tbe6 elchabd oo ta8her.. ba6een chbde hl 7ramya :@

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