last time went together

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i can’t remember the last time all of my family and myself went to the cinema together,,, my mom’s last movie in Kuwait was toy story in 1995 in salmiya which doesn’t exist anymore , and dad’s… he even can’t remember when was the last time lol, they say we hate watching movie’s in Kuwait cause of the annoying youth’s making sound’s and talking loud and commenting in the movie, well I’ve been in a lot of movie’s and they don’t do that anymore maybe that’s old school lol, the movie (the Simpsons) was OK wasn’t what i expect and my Lil bro couldn’t stop laughing i don’t know why hehehe

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  1. KeChie-ChaN says:

    3asa hal.yam3a doOM allah yKHalekum lba3ath = )

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