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I’ve read and heard a lot in the news, blogs, etc about Charles Chaplin’s movie’s and that a lot of people are there and all the non-sense, so i decided to go there and spend some quality time with my Lil bro and sis since i like old movies and old stuff, so after i got lost cause i don’t know where the place is a finally found it that’s the plaaaaace

look like a dead place to me hehehe i didn’t know where’s the way in cause the door facing the street was closed so i said to myself maybe I’m in the wrong place but my sis told me maybe there’s another way in, i went to the back of the building and there was only 3 cars i saw a women and the security standing there so i asked her

me: hello
her: hala
me: is this is the place where they show Charles Chaplin movie’s?
(looks at me like i talked about her mom or something and responed with a bad tune)
her: yeah it’s the place

so i said to my self “f**k you what was all that about?” any way this is the right place

each person i meet i ask for direction i couldn’t believe i was that was the right place cause no one was there they served juice at the door and water hehehe at laaast i found the place but sadly there was only 15 person includes me and my Lil bro and sis (yeah i did count them) o most of them were old people lol, the movie was funny it was called “Modern Times” it was a funny movie, i don’t blame people for not coming cause who would come to see a movie made in “1936” ? that movie was made 51 years before i was existed lol, gotta do it again tomorrow 😛

for more info about Charles Chaplin click here
for more info about the movie Modern Times click here
ps: bad images = phone images

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  1. Anonymous says:

    why is it empty?

  2. KeChie-ChaN says:

    aham shay 6ela3t o Ghayart jaw ! ;=]

  3. Sushi says:

    Chaplin’s “Modern Times” is one of the best short movies of his. A controvertial and very smart movie. I really wanted to attend the event but sadly I’m not in the country at the moment. Besides, it doesn’t matter if there weren’t any people around; what’s important is that you had fun savouring in a taste of a productive motion picture 🙂

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