anyone tried jazeera airways?

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hellloooo, i need help with something if anyone booked or tried jazeera airways website, cause I’ve booked tickets and they sent me a “Reservation Number” so i don’t know whats the next step? should i go collect the tickets? or just go to the airport and give them the number? I’m really confused,,, help meeeee

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  1. DA says:

    I hope you printed out their email confirming the reservation, or the screenshot. In any case take the reservation number along with your ID and same card as you used for purchasing, and go str8 to airport. The check-in should be a breez. BTW DO NOT exceed 20kg limit , jazeera will squeeze every penny of every extra gram! best luck..

  2. outlaw says:

    ok so it’s like this:

    pack my bag
    print the e-mail
    go to the airport to the check in point
    nothing more than 20kg
    fly safe

    right? 😀

  3. eshda3wa says:

    madre wat to do
    bs abe a3arf
    wain betroo7?

  4. outlaw says:

    wallah there was cham plan bs i don’t think ako anything, i’m not leaving my family is >:D hahahhhhaa and i’ll rule the house

  5. forzaq8 says:

    that is correct outlaw

    bring your passport and bag , print the number ( or scribe it on paper )

    and thats all you need to check in

  6. Sara Shuaibi says:

    Yes, the number is like your ticket. Just make sure you come to the airport early. Jazeera Airways are kinda strict with their timings.

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