Harry potter

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i hate harry potter’s books, hate his movie, hate his name, hate everything related to him and i don’t know what’s the big deal with this sick character,,, :@

asking me why? it’s a stupid movie about a magician kid in a stupid magic school, ask yourself why do you like it before asking me why i hate it,,, i can’t find anything i like in this movie, its for kids who just watch any thing :@

7 responses to “Harry potter”

  1. Sara Shuaibi says:

    *LOL* El9ora et’tha7ik! 😛

    Inzain at least you mention one reason why you hate him… May9eer bs chethy… 😛

  2. PiNkiSh says:


  3. eshda3wa says:

    well billions of people disagree with u

    have u ever read on of the books?
    its pure genius

  4. Ghasheema says:

    to tell u the truth…I agree with you…i dont see whats the big deal ya3ni…

    I never read the books or watched any of the movie…and I am not planning to

    I dont like fantasy novels and movies 🙂

  5. Peony says:

    u’re kinda insulting me =)

  6. Sara Shuaibi says:

    Well, I guess poeple have different interests. No offense in here… 🙂

  7. Missy says:

    outtyoooooooo la7tha la7tha did u watch the movie or read the book first? 😛 y3nee i dont think u can judge something based on ur nonsense .. 😛

    ghasheeeema el 7achy lech tooo 😛

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