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since they offer free subscription for 1 year and i like free stuff 😛 and we really don’t have any newspaper we all use the net to read the news even the old man and his wife (mom & dad) do so (what a hi-tech family :P) i said to my self why not sign up? I’m not gonna lose anything, so 5 days ago I’ve sign up for the free subscription and after 2 days they call me to verify my address and today i received the first Aljarida newspaper, frankly i didn’t like it YET cause i don’t know maybe cause i used to read other newspaper or maybe cause this one talks a lot about politics and stuff I’m not interested in or maybe cause the last page in this one has sports news which i don’t know anything about and I’m used to read others stuff,,,

but heeey look at the bright side it’s free for 1 year 😀 i have my own newspaper and there are 2 things that will happen to this newspaper:

1-i like it and read it and tell people about it
2-use the papers to clean my car’s window 😀

things can’t get any better hahaa, if you want your free 1 year subscription click here
my mom made me sign her friends and my big bro and sis to the newspaper lol 7ada egzarat mal moft 😛

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  1. Sara Shuaibi says:

    *LOL* This is the funniest post yet. And one more thing, I got to see the real you for once in your posts! HAHA! I’ma go sign up and will give you my opinion when I get my first paper. 😉

  2. Missy says:

    ROFL 7ddah mal moft.. :p

    bas u cracked me up with “2-use the papers to clean my car’s window :D”

    u dont have a tiny winy little mind after all. 😛

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