i’m on fire

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yesterday my little brothers and my cousin insisted that i should go with them to the aqua park and i hate going there cause of my little brother he’s annoying sooo after a lot of “plz come” “it’s gonna be fun” and all that i said OK so we decided to go early in the morning cause no one will be there and it’s not crowded,,, the bag is ready my sun block is on the table and let’s hit the road, we got there at 10 am it was just opening. after a while the floor was hot at hell out feet got burned cause of the hit and about 12 pm the sun was sooo hot and the heat waves began to hit out bodies, i felt my shoulders are really hurting me and my face was all red and all my body but didn’t care i was playing and arguing with my little bro, at 3 and half we left the park and i started to feel my body really hurting me and my face was all red and my nose too, when i got home i realized that the sun block was on the table and i didn’t put anything on my body, took a fast shower then went to bed and every 10 minutes i wake up cause of the pain ahhhhh 🙁
tip of the day:
when you live in a place like Kuwait and the tempter goes up to 50° C don’t get naked in the sun unless you use a sun block or you want to commit a suicide,,, thank you for reading 😛

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  1. Anonymous says:

    When you’re out in the sun, you need to reapply sunblock every two hours for it to be effective, and you need to reapply when you get out of the pool as well.

  2. Sara Shuaibi says:

    I am planning to go to Aqua Park this Tuesday. Reading your post scared me. But, shall I have to apply sunblock before swimming and after swimming? Won’t it be nasty to be swimming in a pool with sunblock?

  3. Ghasheema says:

    lol…dont listen to lil brother anymore 😛

    if someone was committing suicide as u say…then that would be the entree special to the one way ticket to hell =/

  4. eshda3wa says:

    u poor thing!

    allah y3eenik

    sara, believe me , feeling eewy in the pool is much better than burning

  5. Sara Shuaibi says:

    Back from Aqua Park. Used sunblock and I am saved! 😀

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