girl at gas station + the beach

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yesterday my cousins decide that we go to the beach today and i was like ALRIIIGHHT 😀 any way i woke up early in the morning i prepared everything drinks oo el carpet 3shan nbase6 😛 so the car mafeha gas i gotta go to the gas station when i got there the gas station was empty no one there exept me and when i parked the car a another car came into the station and it was a girl, so as i was filling the car with gas she was looking around and she was making alot of noise with her horn and no one answered so after awhile after i filled my car i looked at her and she was kinda metwahga so i knocked on the window and she looked happy and i was like:

me: hi…
her: hala (with a smile on her face)
me: why are you making all that noise? people are sleeping you know…
her: sorry but i was calling the guys who work here to put some gas in my car
(i looked around)
me: i don’t think anyone is here…
her: yeah i don’t know what to do
me: why didn’t you fill your own car? (i know girls don’t do that >:D )
her: i don’t know how to do it (with red face)
me: oh ok i’ll do it for you
her: (big smile) really? thanksssss

so why don’t girls fill their own cars? girls nowadays do everyyyythiiiingggggg but can’t do the gas thingy?! that strange 😡

anyway after that i went to the beach had fun and my face is burned and my feet too cause of the hot sand 😛 and i’m injured in 3 places in my leg and feet and each injury contains more than 4 cuts but i don’t care i had fun 😀

someday i’m gonna kill my little brother 7adaa 7annaaaaaaaaaan :@

oo thats all for now gotta fix my self 😛

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  1. SpiKeY says:

    sorry i deleted the comments 😛


    the gurls are spoiled 😛 (sorry gurls)..even in gas stations they are served :P…its good that u did that 4 her..other guys wouldve done something else….

    oh well hope u enjoyed the beach…

  2. Missy says:

    “people are sleeping you know…”

    omg!!!! typical YOUUUU!!!! yal meanie 😐

  3. Ghasheema says:


    ta3al ta3al

    why do u mean by everything HA :/

    how did u get injured ???

    and shemwadekum wel denia 7ar….go at night its better!!

    ow ba3deen if your lil brother is annoying…then yah you should kill him 🙂

    just dont tell ur parents I told u so 😛

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