i want to break free

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so it’s like this,,,,,

i wake up everyday at 8-9 am and the first thing i do is check my mobile and the surprise every day,,, nothing no miss call no massages it’s ok i’m not waiting for any one 😡

after i wash up i take my laptop and sit in the living room and watch tv but all i see is crap 😡 so i turn on the laptop and,,,, nothing new just crap,,, so i just sit and do nothing till 2 pm and thats when my family start to wake up, so about 6 hours of doing nothing :\ and i don’t know what do to in all that time, no friends no family no one wakes up in the morning,,,

i gotta find me something useful to spent my time in,,, tired of books lol i’m gonna kill somebody >:D ;P

who wants to listen to my misery?! i guess no one ^_^

any way anyone know’s a good restaurant or new one i should try? 😛 and if the place was quite it’ll be great 😛

5 responses to “i want to break free”

  1. Dandoon says:

    u just described my morning! la o ga3da min il 6 ilyowm!

  2. Missy says:

    I want I want!! im a good listener :p

  3. "GreY" says:

    Go to Some mall , do some orkut ! call some old friends ! there must be a something that you can do !

  4. NoNoWa says:

    Have u thought of going to a gym?
    Go diving, swimming, read a book…..I dunno.

    I only wish I cud have ur day…sounds wonderful!!

  5. Ghasheema says:

    i know how u feel wallah

    everytime i go back to kuwait that would be my problem….they wake up late and sleep in the afternooon ba3d @@

    whatever…i hate that wallah…like why waste ur life sleeping !!!! (after the 8 hours of quality sleep of course)

    as nonowa said…join a gym…that way u have someting to do everyday while they are sleeping

    and afa 3alik lil bro…just update ur blog and I will be here to bother you and make u wish u didnt undate…talk talk talk…talking is good < ---remember when u said that in my blog ;P anywayz…did i talk enough wala ba3d…how are you….go to youtube and search random things and see what comes up….get a new template…thats what im trying to do now…can u help =D

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