about the wierd star,,,

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well as commenter said the wierd star was the planet Venus it was the lunar eclipsed of Venus, and as yesterday was really a mess my mood was really bad 😡 (as commenter said it was cause of venus :P)

you can watch the eclipse photos here, and thank god i didn’t miss it 😛 i like this stuff 😛

any way here’s my replay for some comments in the last post ;P :

lol i guess wierd things happend yesterday 😛

thank you for the explaination 😀

or maybe it’s just Venus ;P

i have absolutely no idea lol

Happy Wolf:
yeah i guess in 60 years we’ll die ;P or maybe not 😛 i gotta live my life :

The Simper:
😀 thank you 2

LOL if it’s really gonna hit the earth i gotta make my wish list 😡

LOL well whenever i see anything in the sky they say in the news and newspapers that something bad is gonna happen and death is coming soon 😡

ooooooooo thats all 5ala9 la t5afoon mako shy have fun 😛

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  1. EniGma says:

    missed it 7asafa a7ib hal swalif. I think it was yesterday or the day before ely u had 3 or 4 planets aligned, Venus, Saturn, Jupiter and I forgot what else.

  2. 'Grey' says:

    May be it was santa clause on a early mission….

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