thought you were mine

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ever got something and thought it was yours?
ohh it felt so good when they told me its was mine,,,
and i planned for everything,,,
our future together,,,
our life,,,
how we were gonna spent our time together,,,
i realized that it was nothing but a huge lie,,,
a lie for no good reason,,,
everything vanished,,,
i was alone with no one to lean on,,,
no one supported me when i was down,,,
they took everything,,,
and left me broken hearted,,,,
i used to smile when i see it,,,
smile when i hear something about it,,,
but now it’s gone it’s all gone,,,
they took it,,,
took it away from me,,,
they’ve taken all my chocolate 🙁
they told me it was for me 🙁 it’s goooneeee my little fat brother ate it and didn’t left me anything 🙁 ohhhhhhh i’m hurt,,,
my chocolate bag is empty,,,
wish i can see you again just one more time 🙁

4 responses to “thought you were mine”

  1. Happy Wolf says:

    Awesome poem ! i just shed some chocolatey tears !

    Do i sense real pain in the poem ? Yes ! i do ! it’s not about the chocolate is it ? take care man !

  2. Ghasheema says:


    I didnt know ur a chocolatholic too 🙂

  3. outlaw says:

    happy wolf:
    lol i think ur the only one who knew there’s something strange 😛

    maybe cause u didn’t read my profile 😛

  4. Free_Moi says:

    nobody stole ur chocolate from u
    u r the one who through it away..

    may be ur chocolate told u the truth from the begening and u accepted her in the way she is…then why did u changed ?

    u used to be something difrent with ur chocolate
    but u changed and u know it

    enjoy ur lie with the new chocolate ur ganna bye

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