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since i’ve finished my mid-term exams and there’s nothing to do just to wait for the finals (in about 2 more weeks) i’m feeling so lazy and i can’t even start study for the finals all i’m thinking about is when will i get back home, i’m getting really sick and tired of everything around here and i miss my family i even started to count the days and minuts and seconds but i feel as the time doesn’t move at all, the minute became hours,,, i wanna go home,,,

each time i wake up and sit thinking out something to do so i can waste my time on but i can’t do anything, when i open my book to study i can’t see the words all i see some writing that i can’t read and strange letters, i’m in a mood to study and i’m starting to worry about the finals, i don’t wanna get an F in any thing cause i don’t wanna come back here in summer,,,,

i can’t eat i’m so fed up with the fast food every day i eat Hardee’s and Mac,,, and the pizza around here really sucks as if you were eating a burned piece of bread and even Hardee’s and Ma suck here ohh i miss mom’s cooking,,,,

i wanna go home,,,

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  1. kechie-chan says:

    you doesn’t seem to be okai =\
    MatshoOF shaR ;x

    PS : Edris 3al.Ba7aR yemkin yetGhayar el.wa’63 ?! : )

  2. eshda3wa says:

    poor u
    i know exactly how u feel
    yallah ma3alaih

  3. Hasan.B says:

    Kilha few weeks inshala. well in my case 3, how about you?

  4. Free_Moi says:

    walah ybelk thb7 ahm shy enk mo ga3d tdrs

    heey u have to study so u don’t get any f because if u got one am ganna kill u fahm:P

    luv ya ;>

  5. outlaw says:

    lol in case you don’t know i study in egypt 😛 the sea is kinda far about 4 hours driving,,, is the nile ok for studying? 😛

    eee 🙁 feel me,,,

    i’ll finish my finals next month and i’ll be home sweet home

    enshallah men 3yony 😀 tamreen amer :$

  6. Happy Wolf says:

    Come on! don’t be a chicken now !! instead learn to cook chicken ! Always remember ‘self help is the best help’…

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