does looks really matter?

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ever asked your self does looks really matters? in life we meet alot of ugly people that we like and we see alot of crappy things that we like, we even may see the opposite thing pretty things we hate,,,

why do we like the moon when it’s full? the moon looks like any round thing like a ball but we like it and we can’t resist looking at it cause it’s round? no, cuase it’s glowing? NO, cause it’s a moon,, it’s just beautiful

alot of people may find metal songs suck, they are soo loud and they scream alot and they look like satanic people and gothic stuff and mardy myanen, but i just like them,,,

but nowadays alot of people go after looks and after knowing the person well they discover that this person is nothing but a walking animal lol,,,

soo all i’m saying looks doesn’t matter dear and and you gotta see beyond looks and deeper,, oo allah y3enkom

ps: i don’t know what i’m talking about,,,

5 responses to “does looks really matter?”

  1. Free_Moi says:

    mm..sure look is not everything but it is something to me..
    ppl think it’s something silly but for me it’s important that the gur i like know how to where his clothes and have his own style also …he doesn’t have to be cute so much but he must not look that much ugly..

    y3ne all i wanna say enh i care about how the other ppl look but mo wayd

  2. Happy Wolf says:

    Its the full moon that makes me crazy not the people … muhahahah..

  3. Cixousian Panic says:

    aham shay your ps! LOL

    I agree! A lot of people go for the superficial now and overlook the core ;p it’s smart to do just the opposite!

  4. eshda3wa says:

    humans are naturally attracted to beautiful things

    if they are objects, sure go ahead and be like that

    but when dealing with humans ur dealing with a personality not just a face

  5. Ghasheema says:

    they might be something…but not everything…ya3ni u have to be able to look at the person in the morning… mo mee7 mara wa7dah 😛

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