my soulmate

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i’ve heard this word alot in movies, magazines & books and every where but i really didn’t believe in it but hey who believe movies? 😡 most of them are 5rabee6 😛 but not for know,,, i’ve met this person a while ago and wow i was shocked,,,

i don’t know how to describe it,,, this person likes everything i like and hates every thing i hate and like we have so much in common and it’s like everything is perfect,,, i’m so happy that i’ve found this person but i’m kinda afraid to lose this person cause when i get excited i talk alot oo a5orha bel 7achy 😛 i don’t wanna scare this person away it’s not like you find such person every day, this one i’m keepin 😛 any idea’s? have you met your’s yet?

ps: i know i’ve repeated the word person alot 😛

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  1. Ghasheema says:

    I am happy for you lil bro =D

    I dont wanna scare you BUT

    how do u know this person IS your soulmate a9lan…you need more than common interests and behaviours….lazem mawaqef 3atheema 🙂

    you need to spend time with this person….and only time will tell you if thats your soulmate or just a person you are infatuated with

    and most importantly…soul mates are soul mates…meaning NOT only you will feel it…they should too…so if that PERSON is your soulmate…they will not be bother by your garga 😛

    all the best inshallah 😀

  2. outlaw says:

    thank you for commenting cause i needed an old person opinion and a mom’s opinion 😛 kkkkkk i don’t know about this stuff 😀 i didn’t say that the “person” is bothered by my “garga” 😛 but you can’t ask anyone if they are bothered about talking cause they’ll say “no its ok” sooooo 3ady 😛 oo i’ll let the days judge and tell me if it’s the real thing wella 5rabee6 😛 hope it’s real 😛

  3. david santos says:

    Thanks for you work and have a good week

  4. kechie-chan says:

    sh3aLeeeh !! ;p
    I don’t mean to disappoint you but I’ve just read a real story about” the soul mates”… It was a tragedy =P
    if i didn’t find my soulmate i’m not wonna wait =\
    hehe wish ya luuck ! ;>

  5. eshda3wa says:

    allah ykhaleekom 7ag ba3ath

    oo ydeem elma7aba inshallah!

  6. eshda3wa says:

    and ghasheema he just called u OLD!!


    shino old!

    eh elkalam dah ya we7esh!

    shes OUR age!

    malat 3al bamya..
    latkhaleene a3a9eb 3alaik!

    kelshay wala ghasheema 3ad!

    and she is right
    ppl mistake passion and desire for soulmate
    but its alot deeper than that
    and only time will tell

  7. Shot says:

    outlaw are you gay now ? 😛

  8. meshmesh says:

    emmm you don`t know about this stuff ha ?? :p klkchy
    aham shy enk tra`6eeha etha z3lt wla tgool shy y`6aygha
    etha tby t`6l m3aha 5lha t7bk mn glb 3arf shlon 7sesha enha mlka
    la tshed wla tr5y m3aha
    elbnat y7bon elzf :p lool walah 9j btgd tetdl3 oo t36eek bo ambeeh ana z3lt oo mn da5l
    efhm sh59yt`ha 3shan t3rf shlon tet3aml m3aha oo ma t36eha gelbk ela lmn t2mn 3leeh en bykon bmkan yrta7 feeh wla l2 mo s.hla t6l3 menha 5sran
    emt7enha ahm shy elemt7anat
    t`thkr shlon emt7nook oo sg6t :p

    this is my opinion from my heart
    i`m so happy lget a7d yjablk bm9er walah but i`m sad too mo ana ely mjabltk 😛 shrayek feny ? lool

  9. Free_Moi says:

    heey bo 5dood
    i think i need to post this comment for you
    well….i think she likes you in the way you are and she likes thi garga thing about you..
    oo when she tell’s you enha z3lt u know enha mo 9j z3lt but she only likes how u care about her..

    i think she is changing alot for you..oo u know what i mean right 😛

    oo hm fe one more thing she likes about you..she likes 7anetek wayd.. 😛
    mm shkly am ganna write a story here..
    i don’t know if i can say that she is your soul mate yet..i think she needs more time to decide that…3shan mat’6lmk wla t’6lm a7d m3aha

    take care of her l2nh she will take care of you 😛

  10. Deem says:

    I’ve met this person too, and I was shocked that this person is this person, I mean i never thought that i will find this person, till I found this person 😛

  11. Cixousian Panic says:

    no I havent met this person, I’m tooooo choosy for my own good.

    bas I’m so glad you did 😀 and don’t worry about it I’m 100% positive they feel the same way about you 😉

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