do you believe in UFO’s?

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as i was walking home from my friend’s house i passed a very dark place i looked at the sky and i saw a shooting star so i was thinking,, what if this wasn’t a shooting star? what if this is a UFO? i don’t know if this idea got into my head cause i’ve been watching x-files alot lately or i don’t know :\ i really do believe that there’s another world somewhere in the universe,,, cause there are alot of galaxy’s and stars out there in the universe and there has to be aliens or whatever otherwise how did people say UFO’s? and the funny part is they only see UFO’s in the us lol maybe cause those aliens can speak english? and people been kidnaped by aliens only from the us? thats kinda strange any whooooo i’ve got this site called “The National UFO Reporting Center” it shows reports of people saying that they’ve seen UFO’s and another site contains pictures and evidence that UFO’s exist “UFO evidence” eeeeeeeeeeh i wanna see one 🙁

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7 responses to “do you believe in UFO’s?”

  1. kechie-chan says:

    who knows ..
    nothing is Impossible !!
    there could be some other creature in this whole wide world .. but i’m not sure if someone have seen ’em yet ..

    اترك الإجابه للزمن =P

  2. Ghasheema says:

    I dont see why not!

    its very much possible

    ya3ni methel ma Allah khalaqna…gader ykhaleq gheerna

  3. eshda3wa says:

    maybe theres some sort of life out there
    but i dont think its as the movies make em out to be
    deformed with big heads

  4. Deem says:

    I sew one 😛

  5. Happy Wolf says:

    Next time when you see a shooting star think of three bald men ! thats the tradition… brings good omen !

  6. BLaSha says:

    yes i do!

  7. Sara says:

    mako shay b3eed 3ala rabna seb7ana .. dayman 3ndy e7saas ena fe UFO’s o ena fe ma5loqat ‘3airhaa bl kawakeb el thanya o denya ‘3air denyatnaa o feha awadem ‘3airnaa :> o i wish law eny ashofhom shlon 9ayreen o akeed lohom lo’3a ‘3air lo’3atna :>

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