worst day eveeeeer

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well i’ve seen bad days but not as bad as this day ohhhhh (7dy depressed)

i could’nt sleep yesterday i had too much nightmares oo nomy mga6a3 oo 7alty 7allah, and i went to the college daye5 oo mgafel so i slept shwya oo in the second lecture there was a surprising exam and i didn’t know what it was about oo 5araft oo 6ela3t so i went home to bed i was soo tired oo `6ayeg 5ulgy so when i woke up elma`3arb it was raining and it’s like never rain around here it’s very very raree to rain, so my cloths wich was out to dry got wet :\ while i was taking the cloths in the electricity was off in the whole block so i had to use my phone’s light, and now i’m in the dark thank god i got a lap top

nothing much to do, i’m going back to die


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  1. Ghasheema says:

    oohh the blues are hitting you too…what is it thats making everyone around the globe depressed!!!1

    inshalah u will feel better soon…and nasee7a..la tnam waket almagharb…or sleep til almaghreb …spooky stuff happens around that time 😛

  2. PiNkiSh says:

    i dunno if its okay to laugh or not, ynfa3 movie lol.. but anyway, its ur turn now i guess, last weekend was my worst est’3fer allah i was extremely depressed & frustrated for stupid reasons., n i was looking forward to saturday “awal marra”.
    soo inshallah things will get better when you wake up ;P

    cheer up!

  3. eshda3wa says:

    oh poor you
    kisart kha6ree
    save urself the trouble n get a dryer

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