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10 things? oh well i guess i gotta try make things up 😛 j\k, lets start shall we?

1- i study in egypt
2- i’m a computer maniac and there’s nothing i can’t fix 😛 (geek!)
3- i don’t go out that much (ana baytooty ^__^ )
4- i (love, admire, like, adore, fond …etc) chocolate all kind, chocolate is my first love 😛
5- ma adel wala mkan lazem a`6ee3 lama a6la3 🙁
6- i like taking pictures of every thing
7- i don’t have alot of friends, can be counted on fingers :<
8- i eat alot
9- no i’m not fat i’m fit 😀
10- i’m single :$

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9 responses to “Tagged: 10 Things You Don’t Know About Me”

  1. Honey™ says:

    LOL ;p “GEEK”
    thanx for taging me altough i hate taging ;p

    but you will get one soon 😉

  2. CeCe says:

    Come on! I know 80% of what you posted above! ;P May9eer! HAHA! ;P

  3. CeCe says:

    The #2 fact about this dude is 100% true! 😉 (y)

  4. KeChie-ChaN says:

    4- hehe yeah forget love you better fall in chocolate ;=]~~~

    7- You gotta work to have some new friends 😉

    Oo zilliOn thanks 3al.TaG ;>

  5. Honey™ says:

    I did mine see it 😉

  6. ReD Lady™ says:

    Good Luck in your study 😉

  7. outlaw says:

    3ejbetej salfat el geek? 😛 ur welcome wehehheheehheee gotta love tagging cause it makes the world goes around (shako!)

    ba3ad shasawy ana? enty t3rfeen kel shy 3ny 🙁 bss shrayej feeny oo ana geek? 😛

    wanna fall in chocolate with me? 😛
    la i’m ok no need for friends i don’t wanna get stapped in the back, cause i’ve tried it 😡 oo zollion welcome for your commenting ^___^

    ReD Lady™:
    thx,,,oo good luck in your life 😛 ka tenseen el 3zeema lama tetwa`6feen 😛

  8. CeCe says:

    Not bad. I love geeks!

  9. ReD Lady™ says:

    lool .. aft7lkm booofeh ;pP

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