What do rose colors mean?

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Blue Rose

A blue rose is very hard to reproduce or find, although some floral companies are trying to do it naturally. Others just die them. To some a blue rose symbolizes “mystery” and to others “attaining the impossible”. A blue rose given can symbolize the rarity of your partner. You have attained the impossible.

Red Rose

This one is the most obvious. It means “I love you.” It represents romance and love.

Deep Pink

This simply means “thank you”. If someone you know does something nice for you, a deep pink rose is a good way of saying “thank you”.

Regular Pink

A pink rose represents happiness. It’s great to give a pink rose to a partner to say, “I’m very happy with our relationship.”

Light Pink

A light pink rose means “sympathy”. When someone has had a loss then light pink roses is a very nice way of expressing your condolences.
White Rose

A white rose symbolizes innocence and purity. When combined with red roses (see further down), it represents “unity”.

Yellow Rose

A yellow rose symbolizes friendship and caring. It’s the perfect innocent gift to give to a friend or give to a loved one when you simply want to say “I care”. When given to a friend it also means “I’m happy with our friendship.”

Lavender Rose

A lavender rose is a symbol of “falling in love”. When you give it to a person you are saying “I have fallen in love with you and am enchanted by you.”

Orange Rose

An orange rose is a symbol of desire. “I desire you” or “I desire to get to know you better” is the message that

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  1. Street Performer says:

    flowers can kiss my ass! though i wouldnt mind getting a blue rose a million times.
    u know my address

  2. CeCe says:

    I want flowers for Valentine’s… 🙁 I don’t think anyone will give me.

  3. KeChie-ChaN says:

    i know someone who always say keep the yellow flower to your sick grandma ;pPp
    استمتعت بقراءته ..
    all flowers are beautiful =)

  4. CeCe says:

    You’ve been tagged!

  5. fractal00 says:

    I want me some Lavender and some Orange Flowers 😀

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